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For Companies;

  • Receiving instant sales offers for e-waste
  • Carbon footprint report
  • Operation tracking
  • Registered and sustainable waste management
  • Raw material recovery report

For Recyclers;

(Platform service is free for a limited time!)

  • Online e-waste expertise
  • Access to wide industry network
  • Regular e-waste supply with digital platform
  • Raw material recovery reporting
  • Time and cost savings

Try out the CO2 emissions calculator!

Reduce your carbon footprint by recycling your electronic waste with Mol-e.

E-waste type
kg CO2-eq
Phone Battery Calculate

equivalent to


the phone

Phone Battery Calculate

equivalent to

a light bulb

turning on

Phone Battery Calculate


to driving


*Calculated with EPA data. This calculator can be useful in developing and tracking your greenhouse gas reduction strategy, reduction targets, or other initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Pioneering Solutions in Digital Waste Management with Mol-e!

End-to-End Holistic Solution

How does the process work?

Upload your e-waste

Negotiate with the facility offering the best bid

Report your environmental impact!

With electronic waste valuation

Maximum Earnings

Marketplace with over 50 buyers

Best offer guarantee

Earn profit by classifying mixed and weight-sold electronic waste according to their raw material value.

Maximum Earnings
Transparent Operation

All over Türkiye

Transparent Operation

Operation Tracking

Automatic Dispatch Note Creation

Free waste collection operation for all e-waste generated in your branch/dealer/store.

With global standart

Instant Tracking and Reporting

Data Deletion Certificate/ Destruction Video

Digital Product Passport

You can access raw material recovery and carbon reporting compatible with the EU Green Deal on the platform 24/7 and customize it according to your needs.

Instant Tracking and Reporting

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, Expand Your Profits:

Eco-Friendly Gains with Mol-e



carbon footprint!


more by

economic gain!


waste managament

cost savings!

*These are the success percentages offered by Mol-e Platform compared to the conventional method of e-waste management of our existing customers.

Do you have questions?

We answered it for you.

Do I meet the EU standard with Mol-e?

Mol-e is designed to provide its customers with strict compliance with European Union (EU) standards. Mol-e facilitates users' compliance with EU environmental regulations by ensuring transparency in monitoring and reporting electronic waste. Through the "Digital Product Passport", the platform enables the entire journey of waste from its source to the recycling process to be tracked and documented.

How can I choose the most suitable Mol-e product for my company? Why should I work with Mol-e?

Choosing the most suitable Mol-e product for your company should be done considering your firm's specific needs and sustainability goals. By contacting the Mol-e team, you can identify the most suitable solution for your business's unique requirements. Evaluating the feasibility and total cost of the chosen solution, you can make a cost-effective and sustainable choice for your company.

Mol-e provides innovative solutions in the field of electronic waste management and facilitates companies' compliance with environmental regulations. Mol-e's digital infrastructure simplifies waste management processes, helping you reduce your environmental footprint and embrace sustainable business practices. Additionally, Mol-e creates a transparent and traceable environment for e-waste management, ensuring your business achieves environmental compliance and sustainability goals.

Does Mol-e provide data that I can use in my sustainability reporting?

The Mol-e platform provides valuable data that you can use in your sustainability reporting. Mol-e offers comprehensive data collection and analysis features regarding your electronic waste management processes, making it possible to monitor and report your environmental performance in detail. The platform presents the data obtained throughout the processes of collecting, separating and recycling electronic waste in a user-friendly interface. This data includes recycling rates, amounts of waste managed, carbon footprint reduction and key performance indicators.

Can I manage the e-waste of more than one of my stores/technical services?

With the Mol-e platform, you can manage the electronic waste of more than one store or technical service. The solutions offered by Mol-e allow businesses to coordinate e-waste management processes in different locations through a central system. This involves collecting, analyzing and reporting waste data from each store or service point.

Is there a fee to use the marketplace? Who can use it?

Mol-e Platform users can receive free quotes from licensed recycling facilities and reuse companies for the e-waste they add.

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