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Siemens Turkey and its partners are simplifying the management of e-waste generated within their organizations using the power of the Mol-e Platform.
With this innovative platform, e-wastes are rapidly reported, tracked, and matched with the most suitable recycling facilities. This process enables Siemens Turkey and its partners to gain both environmental and financial benefits. The solutions offered by Mol-e facilitate taking a pioneering step in sustainable e-waste management, contributing to the reduction of environmental footprints.


Enerjisa Retail Sales Companies prefer the Mol-e Platform to optimize e-waste management processes across different locations. The platform allows Enerjisa to easily report, track, and match e-waste generated within the company with the most suitable recycling facilities. The solution provided by Mol-e contributes to reducing Enerjisa's environmental footprint while making e-waste management more sustainable.


Garanti BBVA takes another step towards a sustainable future by launching an innovative electronic waste collection project. As part of this collaboration, Garanti BBVA provides its employees with easy and effective means to recycle electronic waste through e-waste collection bins and gamification installed at the Garanti BBVA Headquarters.
Additionally, points earned from the recycling process are donated to ÖRAV, creating a meaningful social impact. Thanks to Mol-e's digital infrastructure, the e-waste collected at the end of each month is matched with the most suitable recycling facility. This process is managed through Mol-e's transparent and advanced digital tracking system, allowing Garanti BBVA employees' contributions to sustainability to be easily monitored.


With the Mol-e CSR Project implemented through special e-waste collection bins and gamification installed at TEB Headquarters and Dudullu Operations Center, every electronic waste from TEB employees' homes now converts into points, and each point translates into tangible benefits!
Users can easily and effectively upload their electronic waste to the platform using Mol-e's advanced digital infrastructure. Through matching with appropriate recycling facilities conducted at the end of each month, the institution gets closer to its sustainability goals.
This innovative project stands out as not only increasing environmental responsibility awareness but also as a significant step towards a sustainable future.


Mol-e enables Akiş GYO to effectively manage its electronic waste. Through records made on the platform, automatic matching with the most suitable recycling facilities is ensured, thereby determining the most efficient and environmentally friendly recycling methods. This process not only enhances Akiş GYO's operational efficiency but also represents a significant step towards achieving sustainability goals.


With the implementation of the Mol-e CSR Project at Yünsa Çerkezköy Factory, every electronic waste now converts into points, and these points translate into social benefits!
Employees have the opportunity to make the process of recycling their electronic waste both practical and enjoyable by utilizing the digital infrastructure provided by the Mol-e Platform. This process is completed by matching the waste with appropriate recycling facilities at the end of each month. The project stands out for its goal to increase environmental sustainability awareness and promote more efficient resource utilization.


Getmobil, through Mol-e's Certificate Service, provides its customers with detailed information about the environmental impacts of the refurbished phones they purchase. This special service allows users to understand the positive impact of their purchases on the environment, thereby strengthening awareness of sustainable consumption. The process aims to encourage eco-friendly choices and increase environmental responsibility awareness among customers.

It's a joy to see our positive impact growing with the satisfaction of our customers every day, and we're thrilled to be leading the way in the e-waste sector!

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Do you have questions?

We answered it for you.

Do I meet the EU standard with Mol-e?

Mol-e is designed to provide its customers with strict compliance with European Union (EU) standards. Mol-e facilitates users' compliance with EU environmental regulations by ensuring transparency in monitoring and reporting electronic waste. Through the "Digital Product Passport", the platform enables the entire journey of waste from its source to the recycling process to be tracked and documented.

How can I choose the most suitable Mol-e product for my company? Why should I work with Mol-e?

Choosing the most suitable Mol-e product for your company should be done considering your firm's specific needs and sustainability goals. By contacting the Mol-e team, you can identify the most suitable solution for your business's unique requirements. Evaluating the feasibility and total cost of the chosen solution, you can make a cost-effective and sustainable choice for your company.

Mol-e provides innovative solutions in the field of electronic waste management and facilitates companies' compliance with environmental regulations. Mol-e's digital infrastructure simplifies waste management processes, helping you reduce your environmental footprint and embrace sustainable business practices. Additionally, Mol-e creates a transparent and traceable environment for e-waste management, ensuring your business achieves environmental compliance and sustainability goals.

Does Mol-e provide data that I can use in my sustainability reporting?

The Mol-e platform provides valuable data that you can use in your sustainability reporting. Mol-e offers comprehensive data collection and analysis features regarding your electronic waste management processes, making it possible to monitor and report your environmental performance in detail. The platform presents the data obtained throughout the processes of collecting, separating and recycling electronic waste in a user-friendly interface. This data includes recycling rates, amounts of waste managed, carbon footprint reduction and key performance indicators.

Can I manage the e-waste of more than one of my stores/technical services?

With the Mol-e platform, you can manage the electronic waste of more than one store or technical service. The solutions offered by Mol-e allow businesses to coordinate e-waste management processes in different locations through a central system. This involves collecting, analyzing and reporting waste data from each store or service point.

Is there a fee to use the marketplace? Who can use it?

Mol-e Platform users can receive free quotes from licensed recycling facilities and reuse companies for the e-waste they add.

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