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We are developing a customized e-waste solution for managing your waste operations while maximizing sustainability and compliance.

Environmental Reporting:

Detailed sustainability analysis

Digital E-waste Passport:

Transparent waste tracking

Central Waste Management Platform:

All processes in one place


Online waste sales marketplace

Data Destruction:

Secure data deletion solution

Easy Integration:

Seamless system integration

Automatic E-Waste Classification:

AI-supported rapid classification

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Manage Your Waste Smartly with the E-Waste Management Platform.


Mol-e E-Waste Management Platform is an innovative and fully integrated solution designed to streamline companies' e-waste management processes. Our platform enables you to manage e-waste collection, recycling, and reporting tasks from a single point, utilizing AI-powered visual recognition technology to accurately identify, classify, and facilitate the proper disposal or recycling of e-waste.

The Mol-e Platform creates Digital Waste Passports for e-waste, providing detailed information about the origin, content, and disposal methods of the waste. This enhances companies' compliance with environmental regulations, increases process transparency, reduces costs, and allows them to minimize their environmental impact.

If you have any electronic waste, you can experience the difference and benefits for yourself by using our free demo.

One of our success stories:

Enerjisa Retail Sales Companies prefer the Mol-e Platform to optimize e-waste management processes across different locations. The platform allows Enerjisa to easily report, track, and match e-waste generated within the company with the most suitable recycling facilities. The solution provided by Mol-e contributes to reducing Enerjisa's environmental footprint while making e-waste management more sustainable.

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Strengthen Your Corporate Social Responsibility with E-Waste Collection!


Mol-e's E-Waste Collection CSR Project is designed to help companies achieve their sustainability goals. This project allows you to reduce your environmental impact through the recycling of collected e-waste with the active participation of your employees and organization. Lasting for one year, this special project enables you to organize e-waste collection activities, contribute the revenue from collected e-waste to charitable causes, and achieve your corporate green objectives.

With our turnkey solution, we manage your waste operations and campaign processes from start to finish, allowing you to focus solely on the success of your corporate social responsibility project.

We would be delighted to hear from you to discuss your tailor-made turnkey CSR project.

One of our success stories:

Garanti BBVA takes another step towards a sustainable future by launching an innovative electronic waste collection project. As part of this collaboration, Garanti BBVA provides its employees with easy and effective means to recycle electronic waste through e-waste collection bins and gamification installed at the Garanti BBVA Headquarters.
Additionally, points earned from the recycling process are donated to ÖRAV, creating a meaningful social impact. Thanks to Mol-e's digital infrastructure, the e-waste collected at the end of each month is matched with the most suitable recycling facility. This process is managed through Mol-e's transparent and advanced digital tracking system, allowing Garanti BBVA employees' contributions to sustainability to be easily monitored.

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Strengthen Your Green Commitments with the Mol-e Sustainability Certificate.


The Mol-e Sustainability Certificate is a document that allows companies to concretely demonstrate their environmental sustainability commitments. This certificate recognizes and evaluates companies' e-waste management and recycling efforts, thereby proving their dedication to environmentally friendly practices to their customers and stakeholders.

Obtaining the Sustainability Certificate with Mol-e promotes your company's compliance with environmental regulations, encourages the use of green technology, and advocates for sustainable business practices. This certificate enhances your brand's environmental awareness and positions you as a sustainable and responsible leader in the market.

You can track your carbon footprint by creating your own certificate.

One of our success stories:

Getmobil, through Mol-e's Certificate Service, provides its customers with detailed information about the environmental impacts of the refurbished phones they purchase. This special service allows users to understand the positive impact of their purchases on the environment, thereby strengthening awareness of sustainable consumption. The process aims to encourage eco-friendly choices and increase environmental responsibility awareness among customers.

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Do you have questions?

We answered it for you.

Can I use a demo of the product before purchasing?

For Platform and Certificate services, our customers are provided with a 14-day free demo usage. In the project service, demo use is not provided since the process setup is planned as turnkey.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Send an e-mail to [email protected] with the title "Membership Cancellation". When stating your membership cancellation request in your e-mail, do not forget to include your e-mail address associated with your account and your username, if any. Our customer services team will get back to you as soon as possible after receiving your e-mail and inform you about the membership cancellation process. Please note that once the cancellation of your membership is completed, all data related to your account will be deleted and this process cannot be undone.

Are waste collection operations paid?

Within the scope of the project, the operation of waste with an appropriate licensed recycling facility is provided free of charge at the end of each month. Within the platform, customers are provided with free operation once a month. If there is an additional demand, the process is managed with the recycling facility.
There is no e-waste operation structure within the certification scope.

Who can use your products?

Mol-e works with B2B target audience. Mol-e products can be used by institutions and businesses in a variety of industries.

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